Walk: The Halo, Lancashire

The Halo Walk:

A short but steep exhilarating walk that packs a punch, featuring a weird and wonderful sculpture and a superb panoramic view!

If you’re visiting the Rossendale valley in Lancashire, or somewhere nearby, stop off in Haslingden and check out its weird and wonderful flying saucer called The Halo. It won’t take up much of your day and it’s worth the visit to experience something that little bit different!

The Halo is one of 4 weird and wonderful Panopticon sculptures, placed on various East Lancashire Pennine hills: a unique series of 21st Century landmarks and visited by thousands!

The imposing structure of The Halo sits a-top a hill in East Lancashire

If you’re not familiar with the phrase “Panopticon”, it means ‘a structure, space or device providing a comprehensive or panoramic view.’ They were designed to attract people into the landscape, to engage with the place and enjoy the stunning landscapes in which they’re situated.

And this one certainly does just that! Built on what was once a landfill site, the area has been transformed with vegetation and the Halo stands guard over its town, inviting residents and visitors to a place that was once a no go area. It’s been positioned so it is clearly visible from the M66 and A56 approach roads.

Stunning Panoramic Views from The Halo, even on a hazy day
Stunning Panoramic Views from The Halo, even on a hazy day

There is not much parking at the access point to The Halo, and requires a drive up a narrow steep lane, so I recommend parking up in Haslingden and walking up! It’s a steep but short climb, ¾ mile out the centre of Haslingden, so it gets the heart racing, but on reaching the top you’re rewarded by a fabulous view of the Rossendale valley and Greater Manchester.

Beautiful view from the Halo, showing you can park up here, but not much room, Rossendale, Lancashire
You can park up here, but there’s not much room
View of Haslingden from the walk up to The Halo, Rossendale, Lancashire
View of Haslingden from the walk up to The Halo
Looking down the road leading up to the Halo Panopticon, Lancashire
Looking down the road leading up to The Halo

On the horizon you can see the Darwen and Peel Towers and the wind farm on Scout Moor, other walks that are well worth doing in the locality.

The imposing Halo sculpture is far more impressive than any photograph you’ll see of it – its 18 metre wide steel lattice dish raised 5 metres high by a tripod of metal legs.

The Halo's anchor points lift it 5 metres up

Although I’ve only visited this place during daylight hours, I believe it’s fabulous being up there as the sun sets and the Halo revs into action with blue LED lights making it glow in the night sky: atmospheric, evocative and haunting – a UFO frozen on the verge of take off, hovering above the town of Haslingden.

Visitor Information:

  • Address: Cribden End Lane, Top O’Slate, Rossendale, Lancashire
  • Free to visit
  • Parking: Yes, but limited.
  • Facilities: picnic tables, benches and Interpretation panels. No Public Conveniences
  • Great for: Dog Walkers, Families with children – lots of open space for both to run around!
Enjoying the view from the Halo Panopticon, Lancashire
A couple enjoying the view from one of the interpretation panels

The other Panopticon Sculptures in the project are:

  • Colourfields
  • Singing Ringing Tree
  • Atom

Further information can be found here at Visit Lancashire and you can download trail maps of all the Panopticons there also.

If you’re preparing for a visit to these sites, it’s worth visiting the Mid Pennine Arts Organisation too!

Enjoying the imposing Panopticon sculpture of The Halo, Rossendale, Lancashire
Just to prove I was there ;o)

Have you visited any of these structures?

Which makes for the best walk?

Have you got a favourite, or more to the point – which should I do next?

I’d like to hear from you…


Walk The Halo, Lancashire; part of the Wednesday Walks Series from a Blog by TravelJunkieGirl.com


  1. A Yorkshire Lass | 8th Jul 16

    This is not an area I have considered walking in before, but your stunning photos make me want to put it on my “to do” list! The weather looked amazing too which is half the battle for walkers!

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