Why Travel Junkie Girl? Why Blog?

Zell am See from the Kitzsteinhorn Mountain at 3000m, Austria
Zell am See from the Kitzsteinhorn Mountain at 3000m, Austria

The Moment I decided I wanted to write about my travels

While sitting in the window seat of my Luftansa flight back to Manchester watching the wings being defrosted yet again and musing on the amazing holiday I’d just had in Austria, it occurs to me that I haven’t half had some tremendous experiences while travelling. Even now while sat in the annoying position of watching helplessly while airport employees work hard to defrost the wings, which takes just long enough to miss the taxiing slot, so that when the next one becomes available, de-icing is required again thus launching a vicious circle; I’m in some ways glad of the delay as I stare out the window transfixed by the falling snow, beautiful and mesmerizing and the last I’ll see on my holiday. We don’t get snow like this any more in Britain and on the odd occasion we do, the beauty of it is rather overshadowed by the fact it brings our country to a standstill. At least the Germans and Austrians know how to cope with such snow and amazingly driving in such conditions over here is an exciting, adventurous and breathtaking experience. This trip though being my 5th time visiting Austria, has been my first at driving in snowy conditions and I loved it, even when backing into a snow drift and getting (slightly) stuck and driving into thick falling snow with less than 10 feet visibility, I was in my element.

Snowy driving conditions in Austria
Loved the snowy driving conditions!

Back in the moment however, you just know that all other aircraft on Munich airfield must be experiencing the same vicious cycle and I can only guess at how many take off slots are being missed between landings thus increasing delays – it becomes one horrible sticky maths problem…Okay so maybe the Germans aren’t quite as great as I thought at dealing with the snow…but hey – in Britain our airports would have just closed long since, so let’s not moan too much…at which point the jerk of the aircraft as we move backwards jolts me from my thoughts, followed by a uplifting cheer from my fellow travellers. Manchester beckons… and the seeds of travel writing are sown.

So, Who am I?

My name is Tilly and I’m an artist and craftsperson – I draw, I paint, I sew and I’m a cross-stitch fiend creating handmade cards and gifts and I have a slightly unhealthy love of jigsaws. I have a passion for photography and am a self confessed travel junkie!

I think my creativity spurned this innate need to travel but I don’t know when it became so totally engulfing that all my spare time and thoughts revolved around planning and booking trips, being on them or in simply day dreaming about places I could go…totally absorbing myself in travel books and chicklit with a travel theme, so that my dreams felt even more real!

Castlerigg Stone Circle, Lake District
Castlerigg Stone Circle, Lake District

From an early age, my creativity showed itself in all sorts of forms – playing instruments (flute and piano), amateur dramatics, reading, writing, drawing and painting and making things, from bat boxes to candles. It became obvious as time went on that Art was my thing and I was good at it! I was lucky enough to have parents who drove me around the country to see exhibitions and after spending a couple of hours in a gallery somewhere, we’d go and explore the local area, often a city. I became interested in Land Art and forms in the natural environment and spent many years and most weekends visiting different landscapes and sites from stone circles such as Castlerigg in Cumbria to the weird and wonderful rock formations of Brimham Rocks in Yorkshire, ancient burial sites like The Bridestones near Congleton in Cheshire and the sculpture parks at Grizedale in Cumbria and The Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, near Wakefield
The Yorkshire Sculpture Park, near Wakefield

I studied art and design, then Contemporary Crafts at university and developed a love of architecture, culture and heritage; visiting castles, stately homes, historic sites and cathedrals at all possible moments and taking out memberships with the National trust, English Heritage and the Historic Houses Association.

My love of Art took me to cities the world over to visit galleries and museums, from L’Accademia in Venice to the Guggenheim in New York, the Reina Sofia in Madrid to the Kelvingrove in Glasgow. This fuelled my love of a good city break, immersing myself in the culture and heritage of the place, eating the local food and meeting the local people and we certainly have a wealth of different cultures in Europe.

The Gallery of Modern Art in Munich, Germany
The Gallery of Modern Art in Munich, Germany, visited in May 2015

I could never understand it when I heard my peers saying they were bored during holidays and at weekends, when there are so many exciting things to do, see and experience in the world. And despite their grumblings to the contrary, such things didn’t have to cost a fortune, or require travel to all corners of the globe. After all, Great Britain, the world in miniature is on our doorstep and so accessible to all! We live here people!!

Got to love the Great Outdoors!!! On top of Silver Howe in the English Lake DIstrict
Got to love the Great Outdoors!!!

And what was Great Britain particularly rich in – the Great Outdoors. I love being outdoors: country walking and particularly fell walking with my Dad. As a family, we love the English Lake District and trekking to waterfalls countrywide! I walk for the views, the landscapes, the cloudscapes, the cityscapes, the seascapes and the colour: the vibrant yellow of gorse rich landscapes in Spring, summery oil seed rape fields, the reds and golds of autumnal woods and a breathtaking warm sunset! All have their own unique charm and I love capturing it all on camera!

The Gorgeous Yellow of the Gorse rich landscape at Thurstaston Common, Wirral
The Gorgeous Yellow of the Gorse rich landscape at Thurstaston Common, Wirral

I even love the English weather, afterall – its this that gives us our moody cloudscapes, not to mention waterfalls in spate!

So, as writing is also a passion of mine, writing stories as a child, postcards to practically everyone I knew when on hols, monthly letters to my grandparents, a hopelessly devoted pen-pal to many, a (weird) love of writing essays at school and uni, commercial script-writing for many years; and now creatively writing short stories, I’m wondering why I’ve not started Blogging sooner. I know I’ll enjoy bringing my experiences to life via the written word, complimenting the visual records of my travels from my photography! And if I can spread the joy of this to you, I’ll be a happy bunny!

Call me a travel guide, a travel guru, and most definitely a travel junkie…

I am travel junkie girl!

Travel is my addiction!